August 30, 2006

Johnny Depp = Captain HighPants?

That sick freak, Captain HighPants (yes, I've been paying attention to Glenn Beck) described himself as a "dashing prince" and thought that Johnny Depp should play him in a film about JonBenet Ramsey's murder.

First of all, dashing prince? I think not. Have you seen the picture on one of the scandal rags of Captain HighPants in the '80's? Waaaaay too much black eyeliner. Startling, to say the least.

And I really don't think Depp would go from being known as Captain Jack Sparrow to Captain HighPants.

The DNA didn't match, this guy got a free ride over from Thailand, he still faces child pern charges in CA...and he was teaching children?

Lock this freak Neverland for crying out loud, but get him out of society!

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August 11, 2006

Qana - The Director's Cut

Keep Filming..Better images can be shot....

Is there no depth of depravity that hezbollah is not willing to traverse? Can anyone doubt the stage handling of this incident at Qana? Will the media start asking pointed questions regarding the veracity of the stories being sold to them from Lebanon? Well, I think we all know the answer to question number 3...

This is absolutely despicable.

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