August 01, 2006

Comments Temporarily Disabled

For some time now, I've been getting quite a bit of comment spam. It started out small - a handful here, maybe a dozen or so there - and it was just something that I dealt with as a minor inconvenience.

But lately, the spambots have become intolerable. For those of you not familiar with comment spam (you're lucky), this is when advertisers send spambots out to post hyperlinks onto websites, usually through commenting systems and sometimes through trackbacks. The object is to generate a higher google rank by increasing the number of links back to their site.

The big ones these days are for online gaming and mail-order boner pills. I refuse to let this site be used by these freaking parasites. This past weekend I got nearly four hundred of them and I had to go and delete them all (a frustratingly tedious process).

Movable Type seems to be particularly vulnerable to comment spam, though trackbacks have not really been a problem. The administrator of the MuNu community server is close to a fix but in the meantime I have made the decision to turn off the comments function until I have at least an ETA for that to become reality.

To those who have left comments in the past - particularly the frequent flyers - I apologize but I have too little time on my hands to deal with this crap.

I'll post updates as to the status of the fix, but in the meantime I ask you to bear with me. I encourage you to share your thoughts via e-mail (replace **AT** with @) in the alternative. Thanks.

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