June 20, 2006

47% "Definitely Would Not Vote" For Hillary

A new CNN poll shows 47% are guaranteed "no" votes for Hillary Clinton. The same percentage registered "no" for John Kerry and 48% said "no" for Al Gore. The poll of 1,001 adult Americans was conducted June 1-6 by Harris Interactive and has a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Now being CNN, I'm inclined to believe that they low-balled that figure. Imagine if the real number is 50% or higher? Now that would be news. Of course you also need to qualify the sampling since "adult Americans" does not necessarily mean "registered voters", much less "likely voters". In any case, the fact that Hillary has such high negatives only makes her position even more precarious. Her balancing act between appeasing the moonbats in the primaries and appealing to non-moonbats in the general election will be like threading a needle.

But, hey, it's a still a long way to go to November 2008. Without the results of this year's elections to complete the picture, 2008 is still a wide open race.

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June 16, 2006

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

A new poll reveals that Hillary scares voters:

"A new poll found the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton scares more Americans than any other likely 2008 candidate.

When a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll asked which of four potential candidates for President "frightens you the most," 36% said the New York senator."

And before you say "oh, sure, FoxNews. no wonder.", the same poll had Rudy Guiliani coming in next at 17%.

But 36%? Egads, that's one out of every three!

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