February 09, 2006

Quote Of The Day

"The real trouble is that Hillary is a star politician without a star personality."

- Myrna Blyth, "Anger Management" published in NRO.

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February 02, 2006

Hillary: The Anti-Bill

Dick Morris must love poking sticks at his former client, Hillary Clinton. And he's one of the few people that knows her so well and isn't afraid to cross her. It must drive her insane. His column today talks about the NY Senator's lack of, shall we say, "range":

Bill Clinton — the man whom Bush recently described as his “brother” — is capable of a wide range of rhetorical styles and does not need harshness to convey passion. A raise of his eyebrow often suffices. A nod of his head. A properly constructed glance. But the woman who, by deduction, is apparently the president’s sister-in-law is not as capable. Indeed, she has two rhetorical styles: coy and strident. Off and on. Soft and loud.

And lately she has been running as though it is 2008 already, hitting Bush every day over everything. But the pace is wearing off the artificial veneer of civility she had managed to paint over her partisan fangs and leaving her image back in the dog days of Healthcare Hillary. Too soon, she is unveiling her true personality. She is getting overexposed.

Of course, sheÂ’s got a tough problem. To accept a lower profile in a time of war and political heat would be to let others pass her by. She has mousetrapped herself into backing the war policy her party detests and must be visibly out there on all other issues to compensate.

But the more she raises the political pressure, the more she grates on America like nails on a blackboard. And we have three more years of this to look forward to.

She's been grating on me for that last fourteen years. But I'm going to enjoy the next three.

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