December 30, 2006

(The Final) Diane Lane Photo Of The Week: Lane-apalooza!

Yes, sadly this is the last in a re-booted Saturday series.

...with a little something extra!

DL 12-30.jpg

One of my personal favorites.

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

6 a little romance.jpg

A Little Romance (1979)

Synopsis: Diane Lane stars as Lauren, a young American girl whose love of books finds a soul mate in Daniel (Thelonious Bernard) -- and romance blossoms. When Daniel slugs the egomaniacal director boyfriend of Lauren's self-absorbed actress mother (Sally Kellerman), the two are forbidden to date. But with the help of an aging pickpocket (engagingly played by Laurence Olivier), the two young lovers run off to Venice and spark an international chase.

Gary's take: The one that started it all. At the time, her co-star, Sir Laurence Olivier, dubbed her "the next Grace Kelly". A simple story of young love and chasing a crazy dream to create a memory to last a lifetime.

A female commenter recently asked "what is it about Diane Lane?". Well here's the answer. Back in late 1979 or early 1980 when I was about twelve or thirteen years old, I saw this movie for the first time on cable (I was fortunate enough to have it back then) and I completely fell for this adorable precocious girl. Yes, my own memory to last a lifetime. Since then I've watched her grow up on film from a teenage heartbreaker to middle-aged sweetheart. It's that regular girl-next-door killer smile that gets me everytime.

I think my experience is similar to a lot of guys my age. I don't think there's another actress out there who's captured the affection of the males of my generation the way she has. She's never "sold out" in the Hollywood sense (though her current mother-in-law is noneother than Babs Streisand - ick). She's a terrific (and highly underrated) actress and just a lovely woman. And much to my wonderful wife's chagrin, Diane Lane will always have a special little place in my heart - even when she's in her seventies.

There. Now the surprise - a nine-minute video montage of the lovely Diane Lane. Simply Beautiful.

Happy New Year!

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December 22, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of The Week

...a day early!

DL 12-23.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

5 Under The Tuscan Sun.jpg

Under The Tuscan Sun (2003)

Synopsis: In this movie loosely based on Frances Mayes's best-selling memoir of the same title, Diane Lane stars as Frances, a newly divorced American writer who heads for the Italian region of Tuscany to make limonita out of life's lemons. Having just quit her high-pressure job and ended her heartbreaking marriage, she buys a decrepit-but-charming house in Cortona on impulse, rebuilding it piece by piece -- and herself along with it.

Gary's take: Diane is darling in this one. Supported by a terrific ensemble of character actors, this is a really charming and funny story set in the beautiful Italian countryside. At this stage in her career, Diane Lane seems to be playing a lot of woman who's husbands have left them - which is a very tough concept to get my head around.

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December 16, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of The Week

DL 12-16.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

Indian Summer.jpg

Indian Summer (1993)

Settle in for a heartwarming, slice-of-life comedy, as eight friends reunite at their beloved summer camp after 20 years. Overshadowing the reunion, however, is the knowledge that the camp's owner is ready to close it down forever. A talented cast -- including Alan Arkin, Sam Raimi, Bill Paxton, Elizabeth Perkins and more -- help to make this summer unforgettable.

Gary's take: Think "The Big Chill" for Generation X only with a lot less self-absorbed navel-gazing. A gang of thirty-somethings share their fond memories of summer camp and come to grips with the fact that, yes, you have to grow up sometime. Getting old is a bitch, isn't it? Look for "Spider-man" director, Sam Raimi, in a bit role as the clumsy camp caretaker.

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December 09, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of The Week

DL 12-9.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

3 Must Love Dogs.jpg

Must Love Dogs (2005)

Divorcée Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) isn't ready for romance. But when her sister (Elizabeth Perkins) signs her up for an online dating service, love-seeking mates come calling. While one Mr. Maybe (Dermot Mulroney) is rife with possibilities, another (John Cusack) is even more intriguing. Still, there's just one problem: While this second eligible bachelor's ad states that his dream woman "Must Love Dogs," neither he nor Sarah actually owns one.

Gary's take: Total chick flick about middle-aged dating from hell. But lots of fun and an ideal date movie. Cusack reprises the awkward, insecure (and quick-witted) type of leading man that he played in the film that made him a household name, "The Sure Thing". The photo above is a shot from the movie.

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December 02, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of The Week

DL 12-2.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

2 Confederate Widow.jpg

The Oldest Confederate Widow Tells All (1994)

Experience the extraordinary tale of Lucy Marsden, who in 1984 at the age of 99 became the nation's oldest living widow of a confederate soldier. This is her dramatic story told in her own words through flashbacks and reminiscences. Spanning almost a century, Lucy's portrayal of American society is a truly breathtaking masterpiece. From the heartache of the Civil War and despair of the Great Depression, this tale will leave you marveling.

Gary's take: Diane Lane from young girl to old woman. Especially entertaining for American History fans. Be aware that this was originally a miniseries, so you're looking at movie of Peter Jackson length. You might have to break it up into two sittings.

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