October 28, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of The Week

DL 10-28.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

A Walk On The Moon.jpg

A Walk On The Moon (1999)

The same summer that brings a man to the moon and free love to a small farm in Woodstock, N.Y., shakes up the safe, happy life of vacationing housewife Pearl Kantrowitz (Diane Lane). When a mysterious traveling salesman (Viggo Mortensen) offers her his heart, she's swept up in the passion of newfound love. But as her husband discovers her infidelity, she must choose between the life she's always known and a future with no limits.

Gary's take: Diane Lane as a Jewish mother in the '60's? What a terrific performance, one of my personal favorites. Diane plays Pearl, a woman married too young because she got pregnant and longs for a taste of the freedom that might have been. Excellent supporting cast, particularly Liev Schreiber as her husband Marty and Anna Paquin as her teen-age daughter Alison, who's coming of age is set in contrast to Pearl's own past and the cultural upheaval of 1968.

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October 21, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of TheWeek

DL 10-21.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

My Dog Skip.jpg

My Dog Skip (2000)

Lonely, 9-year-old Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz) lives in the flea-bitten town of Yazoo, Miss. He stinks at sports and has no playmates. So, over the strenuous objections of his hardnosed father (Kevin Bacon), Willie's mother (Diane Lane) buys him a dog that he promptly dubs "Skip." Before you know it, Skip transforms Willie's life: He makes friends, plays sports and develops an unbreakable bond with the spunky terrier. Based on a true story.

Gary's take: A story in the mold of "Old Yeller" without the whole shooting of the dog routine. But, yes, it's a tiny bit of a tear jerker - but with a happy ending. Diane is a stand-out as the loving mom. Imagine having a mom who looked like the picture above? Can you say therapy? Anyone who's ever had an attachment to a family pet will easily connect to this story. A fun and touching movie about friendship.

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October 14, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of The Week

DL 10-14.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

The Glass House.jpg

The Glass House (2001)

After the untimely death of her parents, Ruby (Leelee Sobieski) and her brother (Trevor Morgan) move in with family friends (Diane Lane and Stellan Skarsgård). But how could Ruby know that her new guardians' motives for welcoming her and her brother into their "glass house" are diabolically sinister? As the suspense builds, it's up to Ruby to protect her brother and herself from an encroaching menace.

Gary's take: Not your typical Diane Lane role. It speaks to her range as an actress. If you've always thought there was no way that she could give you the creeps. Check this one out.

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October 07, 2006

Diane Lane Photo Of The Week

DL 10-07a.jpg

And this week's Diane Lane Netflix Pick of the Week:

Rumble Fish.jpg

Rumble Fish (1983)

In Francis Ford Coppola's black-and-white adaptation of the S.E. Hinton novel, Rusty James (Matt Dillon) is the leader of a small, dying gang once led by his now-absent brother, Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Rourke). When Rusty is injured in a gang fight, his brother returns to their sad, industrial town to help. Despite this, Rusty continues on his path of self-destruction, damaging his relationships with his girlfriend (Diane Lane) and friends.

Gary's take: I picked this one to compliment the black-and-white photo above. Face it. It's the kind of a movie that's short on story and long on cinematic "technique". Show the wife or girlfriend that you can appreciate fine film making. Yeah, right. It's definitely worth a look, though, if you've never seen it. And you get see how hot Diane Lane is in black-and-white. Look for top notch performances from Mickey Rourke and Dennis Hopper. Matt Dillon does a fine job as well. And look also for early performances by a young Nicolas Cage and the late Chris Penn.

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