February 13, 2006

Coulter Should Apologize

Just like most Americans - even those who follow politics closely - I missed this story over the weekend. At the CPAC conference, Ann Coulter let fly a tasteless remark. Now, I could easily just let this one pass without comment considering that hardly anyone even noticed. But I want to go on the record here: Coulter should apologize.

Ann makes a living saying provocative things. That's her schtick. And since she drives Liberals absolutely insane, I enjoy most of what she writes and says. But her use of the word "raghead" - although directed at the terrorists - was dead wrong and completely inappropriate. It may not have been intended to be an insult to muslims in general but this is the broader connotation of that particular epithet.

And while the Left will be quick to slam her on this one, it would be the height of hypocrisy on their part. Inflamatory and insensitive comments are their specialty. So they can just forget about even trying to mount that high-horse.

Ann is human (notwithstanding the Left's view of her as a she-demon from hell) and humans make mistakes. In an attempt to entertain her audience, she made a big one. And she should apologize for it. Whether she does or not is her prerogative. But if she chooses not to, she not only undermines her own credibility but reinforces a stereotype about Conservatives that is undeserved.

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1 I saw this live and in person, and heard the audible gasp, the entire audience feeling one of two emotions, either "What the f***?" or "Did she just say that?" The rest of her shtick seemed pretty blasé and canned to me.

Posted by: Ryan S. at February 13, 2006 11:51 AM (8ebpn)

2 Garry, I agree completely. Ann is fast approaching the Pat Buchannan level of 'People I'd rather not have on my side.' Of course, Pat is so far to the right he's actually come full circle and is approaching the left.

Posted by: BWS at February 14, 2006 10:30 AM (WIFkt)

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