November 16, 2005

Tammy Bruce Interview

If you're not familiar with best-selling author and radio personality Tammy Bruce, you should be. A self-decribed "pro-choice lesbian feminist", she currently has a book out called "The New American Revolution".

John Hawkins at Right Wing News interviewed her and the transcript is here. She has a fascinating analysis of the "hate-America first" Left based on her personal experiences. Tammy is considered by many to be a voice of the Right, but she started her political activism on the Left. Her personal philosophy, which emphasizes individualism and personal responsibility, became too incompatible with the "collectivist" mentality of American Liberalism. Upon reflection, she admits she's still not quite used to being labeled a Conservative:

"...itÂ’s still odd that IÂ’m now considered a conservative, but thatÂ’s because the left has gone so far to the left theyÂ’re fascists.

So someone like me is considered a conservative and it comes down to being willing to accept -- and IÂ’ve discussed labels in the book as well -- be willing to accept what youÂ’re called but also be clear for yourself about what you really are. In todayÂ’s day and age, I am a conservative, in the sense of what that stands for. TodayÂ’s conservative is yesterdayÂ’s classical liberal and IÂ’m determined to try to help make that label more popular, more broad, more accepted, and more understood and I hope IÂ’m doing a good job. "

The whole thing is definitely worth a read. Tammy's blog can be found here.

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