March 21, 2006

Pachyderms In The Midst

Ben Domenech, one of the founders of Redstate, has been given a blog column of his own at the WaPo online.

Go visit "Red America". Funny that it's not listed on the WaPo's main blog page. Then again the end of that page's URL does read: "?nav=left". Hmmmm. I'll have to add to the main blogroll so I can find it more easily.

UPDATE: 3:40pm
Oh, this is rich. Apparently, when Post reporter Tom Edsall opened up the chatlines today he got an earfull from pissed-off Lefties about the new "Red America" column.

Here's an example:
"The hiring of the Red State Blogger is yet another example of why I cancelled my subscription to The Post and do not intend to ever re-instate it. The Post's view that it needs to "balance" viewpoints buys into the notion that The Washington Post adequately provides a forum for a liberal viewpoint. Do you really believe that The Post has an over abundance of liberal viewpoints?"

I damn near had my coffee spilling out my nose I laughed to hard at that one. The WaPo op-ed pages are so full of Liberal opinion you barely notice the Conservative one.

What is it about Conservative opinion that so terrifies these people that they object to it even being printed? Criticize it, ridicule it or ignore it if you will. But to fear it? Talk about insecure.

UPDATE: 3/24/06 3:45pm
Considering that the "Red America" column is no more, it's now off the Blogroll.

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