June 09, 2006

New To The Blogroll

Every once in a while I like to run through the ol' official Ex-Donkey blogroll and weed out the dead wood to make room for some new blood (new to me, that is).

In the old days I used to scroll through the referrels on Sitemeter looking for good blogs to add. But I just don't have time for that nowadays. More often than not I come across sites from commenters or emails that I get.

Being as it's Friday, I wanted to highlight three new links on the 'roll:

1) Conservative Propaganda - Former USAF, now a self-described "computer geek in the DC area". His posting frequency is lower than average, but the content makes it worth checking back from time to time.

2) This Is Freedom Country - Let it never be said that the Ex-Donkey is not open to differing opinions. Here's a former Liberal turned Libertarian. Okay, that's about as differing as I can deal with. I often disagree with many Libertarians but they usually make good points. NRO's Jonah Goldberg once compared Libertarians to the celtic barbarians that the Medieval Britons would often hire out as mercenaries; they're useful in a fight, but you wouldn't want one sitting on the throne.

3) Here's one I first read today: Say No To P.C.B.S. You have to love a blog when it's first post reads: "Welcome To Thunderdome - I take a stand against the evil that is the liberal left, and thus it begins." Liberal girlie-men, beware!

Go pay 'em a visit.

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