August 11, 2006 Ex-Donkey?

More like a DINO (Democrat In Name Only), than an Ex-Donkey.

When Gary kindly extended an invitation to me to guest blog during his hiatus, I was thankful for his invitation, and honored be included among this exceptional group of bloggers. All of you inspire me as I work to find my voice in the blogosphere.

Greetings from sunny Philadelphia!

Let me take a moment to introduce myself: I'm Skye, blogmistress of MidnightBlue, probably the only conservative leaning Democrat blogging in The City of Brotherly Love. I am frequently asked if I am 'really' a Democrat? The answer is: Yes. I carry my DNC membership card right behind my Vast Right Wing Conspiracy membership card. I've been involved with online journaling since 1999, and had always shied away from writing political or societal opinion essays. Influenced by the political climate in 2004, I began to write essays in Blogger, and briefly at Blogdrive, revolving around my political and cultural observations, a by-product of this exercise was being called upon to adequately defend my POV. This is quite a leap from my early days in journaling when I was Miss Nice! Today, I've garnered the nickname: Skye - The Moonbat Slayer.

In addition to Blogger, I maintain memberships at TravelBlog, a fantastic place to post pictures and write about your travel experiences and at VirtualTourist. VirtualTourist is a travel website that serves as a good primer for the European socialist mindset.

Gary and I were introduced via Wordsmith when he posted a link to my blog in a BSG (Battlestar Galactica) comment thread here on Ex-Donkey. I've been a huge fan of this blog ever since.

Thanks again to Gary for asking me to post on Ex Donkey. I hope you enjoy your well-earned hiatus, and I look forward to your future posting on this blog.

P.S. Please pardon the dust at MidnightBlue as I'm in the midst of a total blog overhaul and redesign. The technology is out there to rebuild Midnightblue. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.

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