August 11, 2006 Ex-Donkey?

More like a DINO (Democrat In Name Only), than an Ex-Donkey.

When Gary kindly extended an invitation to me to guest blog during his hiatus, I was thankful for his invitation, and honored be included among this exceptional group of bloggers. All of you inspire me as I work to find my voice in the blogosphere.

Greetings from sunny Philadelphia!

Let me take a moment to introduce myself: I'm Skye, blogmistress of MidnightBlue, probably the only conservative leaning Democrat blogging in The City of Brotherly Love. I am frequently asked if I am 'really' a Democrat? The answer is: Yes. I carry my DNC membership card right behind my Vast Right Wing Conspiracy membership card. more...

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Ex-Donkey is Wordsmith!, not really.

I thought I should introduce myself, before I start posting my droppings here. I run a very low-key blog called Sparks from the Anvil, started in June of 2005.

I am quite honored to have been invited to guest-blog here. You see, Gary is my "blogfather". A term he coined when I let it be known that stumbling upon his blog sometime in early 2005 is what helped inspire me into the notion of blogging.

Blogs were fairly new to me, and I only began hearing about them in 2004. I considered myself an idiot with opinions that no one would care to read about. Then, when I read Gary's "FAQ about me" on his old blogsnot, and read his posts, I thought, "Hey! That's just like me....I can do this!" Of course, I may consider myself an idiot, but I certainly don't think of Gary as one.

One of the things I love about Gary's posts is that he is rarely longwinded. So I can pop on by, read his new posts in less than a minute, and feel like he just crammed an undigestable full course meal into a concise, luncheable.

The other thing that has always stood out is his humor.

I never quite knew what Gary thought of me. He rarely seems to respond to comments in his comment sections, and I don't believe he's ever commented over at my place; for all I knew, he probably thought I was some silly fanboy, stalking him.

So him contacting me to guest-blog is like George Bush asking me to sit-in at the Oval Office....and take care of his dog, Barney.

Gary, have fun relaxing! And thanks for letting us blog-sit for you. I promise not to break anything or steal any oval office pens.

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