October 05, 2005

In Defense Of Pragmatism

My fellow Chillin' Coalition member, Mark from Decison '08, looks at making the best of a rough situation with regard to the Miers nomination.

Ironically, the choices that would have fired up the base would have probably turned off vast parts of the public. We cannot force the mainstream to embrace our cause anymore than the Left can; we must work constantly to sell it. Ramming through a hardcore, known conservative because we have the votes and alienating the electorate is just not smart politics for the future.

Rather, we must painstakingly move the center to the right, until conservative judicial principles ARE the mainstream.

I would like to add as a reminder that, yes, many Republicans have been let down by President Bush in the areas of Federal spending and Immigration. But, when you look at the top three priorities of this Administration: the GWOT, tax cuts and judicial nominations, it's important to note that Bush hasn't screwed over his base once...not a single time. I think it's premature to assume that he has done so here.

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