August 10, 2005

Ex-Donkey shows his vulnerable side...

My youngest son, Kevin, is a sweet little two-year old who has been diagnosed with autism. We don't know yet how severe it is but he is currently receiving ten plus hours a week of therapy courtesy of the State of CT (they can do some things right).

Anyway it's share time. This evening the Ex-Donkette took the middle son to a PJ storytime at our local library and I have number one and three to tend to while I clean the house in her absence.

Kevin, unlike most children with autism, likes to be held but he has always been very passive about it. This evening while getting him ready for bed I thought I'd rock him on my shoulder while listening to some music to get him in the bedtime "mindset".

A little bit into the first song, while his head rested on my left shoulder, Kevin reached his left arm around my neck and held it firmly and his right arm went around my left shoulder in the same way. He was hugging me.

I can't express in words how important this is - not only for his development but for my own emotional well-being. I'm still a little choked up about it. Sorry for wasting valuable blog space when I could be sharing stories about a guy in Latvia who blew his nuts off trying to brew moonshine in his apartment.

Cripes, between this and the LL Bean catalog I'm turning into a great big pansy.

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