August 01, 2006

MTV Turns 25 Today

I almost hesitate to put this post under the category of "music", but those of us who are...ahem...old enough to remember can look back fondly on that fateful day in 1981 when the world of media completely changed.

Frankly, for me, MTV died before it even hit its 10th birthday. About the time I got out of college, I recall turning it on and noticing a distinct change in MTV. Soon it was filled with MTV news, reality shows and rap (thank you sooooo much, Viacom). The "M" in "MTV" that originally stood for "music" now can be substituted with "mind-numbing" or "moronic". And they've done their very best to wear their politic leanings on their sleeves with whole "Rock The Vote/Vote Or Die" crap. No thanks.


Pretty much everybody knows that the very first video the network aired was "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles. Impress you friends today with the knowledge of what the second video shown was: Pat Benetar's "You Better Run".

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