November 24, 2005

Send A Message Of Thanksgiving To The Troops

Dan at A Slower Pace alerts me to this site where you can type up a message to our men and women serving overseas, via "Operation Dear Abby".

Before you head off to wherever you're going today or before you get too involved in preparing your own meal, head on over and send a message of support and thanks (and don't wait too long, after all Thanksgiving is almost over on that side of the world!)

And spread the word to family and friends. The link is here:

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November 21, 2005

Keep the "Grey Eagle" Blogburst Going

Yesterday, I encouraged all readers to visit Grey Eagle's A Female Soldier 2 and leave a show of support in the comments section of her most recent post.

As of now, more than 200 of you have left kind words of encouragement and gratitude for the work they are doing in Iraq. If you haven't yet or are only just hearing about this now, I urge you to go there now and do so.

Jay Tea at Wizbang has a good summary of her situation and how we can help: "while we can't extract the venom, we sure can dilute the hell out of it!"

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November 11, 2005

God Bless The Veterans

Raven at And Rightly So! has a history lesson of this day. Go check it out here.

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