January 25, 2006

Times Is Running Out

For the Moonbat Left. The folks at MoveOn.org are making their email pitches to try and "stop" the confirmation of Samuel Alito. Heh.

Here's their goal:

"The next few days are the last chance we have to influence the Senate before the final vote. So, today, we're aiming to send in 10,000 letters to the editor to newspapers around the country, opposing the nomination of Samuel Alito and Bush's plan to put himself above the law.

You can write and submit your letter online right now, at: [Link included]

Filling the nation's editorial pages with citizens' letters connecting Alito and the Bush power grab is one of the most effective ways we can show the Senate that we understand the stakes and are counting on them to stand up. And it's important to act now, because the Democrats and moderate Republicans who oppose Alito have still not decided if they will mount a filibuster to block his nomination¬óbut they must decide soon."

That's right, as if the pressure from the Big Donor lobby groups isn't enough, now the Democrat Senators have the face the impending doom of 10 thousand form letters that, curiously, all say almost exactly the same thing.

Will it be enough to coax the Dems into trying for a filibuster? Oh boy, I sure hope so.

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