May 09, 2006

Here Come The Judges

The political strategery of Darth Rove, Lord of the Sith, is becoming clearer. First, get Senate Democrats back on their anti-NSA surveillance jag. Appointing the architect of that program as head of the CIA ensures that the hearings will once again reinforce an important concept in the minds of swing voters: Republicans want to protect the lives of your children from Al Qaeda and Democrats want to protect the lives of Al Qaeda from Republicans.

The other hot-button issue: judicial nominations. Now Lord Rove has prepared a list of twenty judicial picks to send to Capitol Hill for confirmation, which will surely cause Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee to raise the Filibuster issue...again.

It's incredible to me how these people always fall into the trap. I guess they just can't help themselves.

When an unnamed White House official questioned the strategy, Rove is reported to have said: "I have foreseen it. Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design. Now...witness the full firepower of this fully-armed and operational White House!"

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