January 13, 2006

Hearings Officially Over, Committee Vote Next Week

Put this one in the books, Sam Alito is as good as confirmed. Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, Roe's most enthusiastic cheerleader, is ready vote yea.

"I intend to vote to support Judge Alito for associate justice of the Supreme Court and I do not do that as having a party line vote," said the Republican from Pennsylvania. "If I thought Judge Alito should not be on the Supreme Court, I would vote 'no,' just as I did with Judge [Robert] Bork."
Man, he just loves to remind people that he voted against Bork doesn't he? I swear, if the guy could take sole credit for scuttling that nomination he would. Whatever.

Democrats are still trying to delay it, but Specter isn't having any of that. He's sticking to next Tuesday or Wednesday, and as Committee Chairman that's his call - not Patrick Leahy's. Tough noogies, Pat.

I've had my share of complaints about Specter but I'll give him credit for the job he did running the hearings. Everybody had a say and ample opportunity to question the nominee. And when Kennedy tried his little stunt over CAP, he could easily have refused to look into it - thereby leaving the matter hanging out there and giving the Dems something to bitch about. Instead, he had his staff work tirelessly at the Library of Congress to pour through the papers and found to the satisfaction of any reasonable person that the charges were baseless. And he didn't let the fat bastard bully him.

The Dems will keep trying for a delay, though. Why? As BullDogPundit explains: "It's All About Abortion". Go read his piece and it'll all makes sense.

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1 "Fat Bastard." Bad senator, but a good wine...

Posted by: Starbuck at January 13, 2006 11:17 PM (M2L+3)

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