November 03, 2005

All I Want For Christmas Is...

...a Filibuster!

What? Oh yes, if Harry Reid's moonbat-appeasing stunt earlier this week is any indication of how desperate Democrats are, they may indeed try and filibuster Samuel Alito. So why is this a good thing?

Because two members of the "gang of 14", OH Senator Mike DeWine and SC Senator Lindsey Graham have already gone on record that if Alito is filibustered they will vote in favor of changing the Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster in the case of judicial nominations. These two defections ensure that any filibuster of this nominee will result in 50 votes (plus Cheney's tie-breaker) for the Constitutional Option, which would drive a stake into the heart of Democrat obstruction. They'll be stripped of the one weapon they still have.

The only other factor is if Frist has the cojones to call for the motion. Based on his comments after Reid screwed him over with the lockdown, you can bet the good doctor will is itching for some payback. It's gotten personal.

I figure we won't have hearings until after Thanksgiving. Alito will be approved in committee quickly and passed on to the full Senate before the holiday break (Republicans control the body so the Senate won't adjourn until this is resolved). If Reid and company are pressured enough by the KosKids to go for the, set, match!

And to Dems, I would quote Willy Wonka: "You get NOTHING. You LOSE. Good DAY, sir!"

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