January 31, 2006

41 Dems Against

According to California Yankee, who's been keeping a meticulous count on the Alito confirmation vote, forty Democrats and one...ahem...Republican - Lincoln Chafee - will vote "no" today at 11am. That leaves fifty-seven Senators on record as saying the will or expect to vote "yea", with two undecided - Mary Landrieu and Olympia Snowe.

Assuming Landrieu and Snowe vote "yea", that's fifty-nine in total. Now, in the minds of the Left, fifty-nine votes not would have been enough to invoke cloture last night. Yet an additional thirteen Democrats voted for cloture. These thirteen who voted "yea" for cloture will be seen as traitors by the Moonbats who - for one brief shining moment - thought they could get enough support to maintain a filibuster.

The Left will come even more unhinged today, to the dismay of the more centrist members of the Dem caucus (both of them). It's ironic that less than four months ago, the Left was positively gleeful at the thought of a Republican party tearing itself apart over the Miers mess. But the GOP weathered that storm and are now more united than ever.

The current fracture among Democrats is going to be a lot harder to mend, assuming both parties even want it to. Let the blood-letting begin!

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