October 20, 2005

It's Official: No Free Boners For Grandpa

Last summer I pointed out that this was coming down the pike, so I get to use the post title again. The story: Congress Pulls Plug On Viagra Subsidies.

The Senate on Wednesday passed without debate and sent to the president legislation that ends Medicare and Medicaid payments for erectile dysfunction drugs as part of a package that extends medical help for the poor and provides unemployment benefit aid to states hit by Hurricane Katrina.
As I said back then: sorry old man, but you're not paying for that little blue pill on my dime.

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Pork-Whacking!! Go, Tom, Go!!

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is on the floor of the Senate right now introducing a slew of amendments that would slice away many wasteful projects in the recent Transportation bill.

Club For Growth is blogging his speech.

This is major, folks. And it's causing a huge commotion in D.C. as it is attracting bipartisan support on one side and strong opposition on the other. Coburn's most famous target is the Alaskan "Bridge To Nowhere" but there are many others. Passage of even one of these amendments sets precedent that makes no pet project safe on Capitol Hill.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: 2:35pm
WA Sen. Patty Murray threatens Senators who vote for the Coburn Amendment. Dum...Dum...DUMMMMMMM!

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