September 28, 2005

The International Star Registry Scam

People, PLEASE use the brains that God gave you and do NOT fall for this garbage. You know what I'm talking about. That radio commercial featuring a guy named Rocky Mosele who tries to persuade you to name a star after a friend or loved one where it will be recorded in an "official" star registry - all for only $50.

First of all, any claim made by a guy named "Rocky" immediately makes it suspect. But here's the deal. It may sound like an interesting idea for there to be a star up in the sky named after your Aunt Connie, but this outfit has made millions off gullible people for the last twenty-five years. You pay this outfit the money and you get a "certificate" and a book that lists and charts your star. Here's the problem. This company has no recognized right to name stars. That right belongs to ONE organization alone: the International Astronomical Union.

The names given to stars by the International Star Registry are not recognized by ANYONE other than the suckers who fell for their scam. Is it illegal to do this? Unfortunately, no. But it is in no way official. And if that isn't bad enough, they don't even choose a star you can see with the naked eye. Why? Because those already have names!!!

Unless you're an astronomer, you pretty much have to take their word for it that the star even really exists - somewhere like ten million light years away!

And imagine if an alien race landed on Earth and you show them you're little chart and ask them if they've ever been to the Barney star. They'd kick your ass for insulting their intelligence and say "I was born on a planet of that star system and it ain't named "Barney" you dumb-ass!" They'd probably blow up the Earth on principle because its populated with such morons!

I swear, the first time I heard the commercial I laughed. How could anyone be so foolish as to believe this, right? OMG, would you believe over one MILLION people have done this?

Caveat Emptor people. If you really want to throw away fifty bucks to name a star after someone, then just send the money to ME through PayPal and I'll go ahead and send you a Word document that makes it "official". It'll amount to exactly the same thing.

Seriously though, if you want to memorialize someone you love, make a charitable donation in their name. At least that'll benefit someone.

I really needed to rant about this one.

more info: Wired Magazine

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