February 14, 2006

Brutal Killer Plays the "Victim" Card

Child murderer Joseph Smith wept at his sentencing hearing today and begged Circuit Judge Andrew Owens for mercy. Smith, who was convicted of murdering 11-year old Carlie Brucia tried the old "I was a victim of drug use" ploy in an attempt to dodge a death sentence, which is what a jury recommended by a vote of 10-2.

Smith told Owens he had been a heroin addict since he was 19 and had unsuccessfully tried to quit several times. He said his wife had kicked him out of their home in January 2004 and he had lost his job when in the hours before abducting Carlie he tried to overdose.

"I just wanted to die that day," he said. But, he said, "I take responsibility of my crimes."

Well, guess what asshole? Unless this judge totally ignores the jury's recommendation, your two-year old wish is finally gonna come true when he passes sentence on March 15th. Then you can take responsibility for kidnapping, raping, beating and finally killing that little girl.

You'll get the same mercy that you showed Carlie Brucia when she cried and begged and pleaded for her life. Too bad the system will probably keep you hanging around for about twenty years before they finally pump your veins full of poison.

Rot in hell, scumbag.

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