December 08, 2006

Tonight...On BSG

BSG Lee Kara.jpg

"I missed you, Lee."
"I missed you too, Kara."
"Sorry about kicking your ass in that boxing ring."
"Um, if memory serves, Starbuck, I believe I kicked your ass."
"Yeah, in your dreams."
"Shut-up and look serious for the camera."

Okay, bygones...

Tonight's episode: Soylent Green is Cylons!

"The Passage"
9pm on Sci-Fi

I'm going to have to DVR this one and watch it late. Holiday stuff at the parent's condo, ya know.

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1 Poor Kat...I'm gonna miss her crazy stim-antics Oh...looks like Anders confronts Lee in next week's episode...PREVIEW

Posted by: Skye at December 08, 2006 10:01 PM (WSppo)

2 How much you wanna bet Kat "resurrects" as a Cylon? I was waiting for that tonight.....

Posted by: Georgia Girl at December 08, 2006 11:28 PM (t/eS0)

3 Btw, it's 26 frakking degrees outside here in "Hotlanta." Will get down to 16 tonight. Not to worry, though: a high of 58 Sunday and 61 Monday. Ahhh. Gary, you know I'm not wishing for a white Christmas up in CT. Little Southern girl here figured out that those really can happen once you get north of the Mason-Dixon line. Mid-40s up there would be nice. See if you can arrange that...

Posted by: Georgia Girl at December 08, 2006 11:35 PM (t/eS0)

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