June 07, 2006

No Matter How You Spin It, A "Moral" Victory Is Still A Loss

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (aka Kos) is now 0-20 for candidates he and his band of Lefty nutcases have backed thanks to Brian Bilbray's win in the CA-50 Congressional race yesterday. Moonbats are still consoling themselves with the fact that the margin was only 4.5%. That's all well and good but the fact remains that Democrat candidate Francine Busby still LOST.

The folks at RedState put into context what this really means as a precursor to the Fall elections:

"Let's do a recap, shall we? Bush's approval numbers are in the 30s. These "generic Congressional ballot" numbers that we see trumpeted give Democrats wide double-digit leads. And here's the most important part:

The Democrats are running this fall on a "culture of corruption" strategy. This special election was to replace a guy who's currently sitting in jail, who had a BRIBE MENU for goodness' sake. Early in the night, the NBC affiliate in San Diego showed a clip of Busby with her supporters, and in a statement that was (apparently) in response to a question about a hypothetical situation in which she would achieve victory the way it is defined everywhere but the left side of the blogosphere, she said, "Anyone who writes this off as 'This is just because of Cunningham' is wrong." I thought to myself then, yeah, but what does it mean if she loses? Right now, the only question I have about the "culture of corruption" strategy is whether we can convince the Donks to keep it.

After all, another string of victories like this would apparently suit both sides just fine."


UPDATE: 3:10pm
Bob Novak weighes in:

"For all the hype and the money spent on the race between former Rep. Brian Bilbray (R) and Francine Busby (D), Busby, in her loss to Bilbray, failed to exceed significantly the percentage won here by John Kerry in 2004. This is significant, because although she will have another shot at Bilbray in November, the turnout should have favored her yesterday, since Republicans had no other races to drive their turnout and Democrats had a gubernatorial primary.

The outcome proves that even with corrupt former Republican Rep. Duke Cunningham’s name fresh in the news, low turnout, a weak candidate like Bilbray and dissension within the GOP ranks (that led to negative Republican campaigning against Bilbray), Democrats cannot win here. Even here, where it should have mattered most, the “culture of corruption” mantra wasn’t enough to convince voters to pull the Democratic lever."

Double "Heh".

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